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  • 16 Dec 2014 7:17 AM | Anonymous

    I often hear suggestions for improving access to capital that call for the creation of a single, monolithic something or other.  “If we only had a mega [fill in the blank], then we would have all the capital we need!”

    There is certainly an appeal to be able to go to a one stop shop and find everything you want.  This is the premise of the giant shopping malls and stores. 

    In certain cases, economies of scale dictate this centralized concentration of economic activity.  Without scale, the costs of operations are so high that many individuals and businesses would not be able to participate.

    However, there are often consequences of such monopolies.  Often there becomes a limited selection in choice.  Why have 10 varieties when one will do.  There is often a tendency to stick with status quo.  This is good enough.  To some extent, this is one of the greatest problems facing our capital market – not enough variety and not enough innovation.  Between the impact of market forces and government regulations, we have seen a concentration of the capital markets on Wall Street that represents a microscopic percentage of the total businesses in the world.  By definition, a new startup cannot qualify for listing on the stock exchanges without already having a great deal of capital.  Innovation and startups need not apply.

    We now live in the Internet age and the term economies of scale often does not apply.  With a single computer and access to the Internet, it is possible for one person to be their own business empire.  The Colorado Capital Congress is seeking to do the same thing for members of Colorado’s capital industry.  We believe that the Internet can be leveraged to provide customized capital, precisely fitted to the circumstance with no limitation of variety and always open to innovation.

    The best capital industry will have multiple solutions to every capital need.  A recent blog post in Dreamstake describes the large variety of options for funding in the United Kingdom.  Private money, public money, public/private partnerships and crowdfunding are all working together to fill all the gaps so that there is a capital solution to every problem. 

    We need to so the same thing here in Colorado.  We already have a far larger selection of capital solutions than most people know.  So, part of our solution will be public awareness and education.  More solutions are needed.  Let’s build them.  What solutions?  Let’s find out.  The Colorado Capital Congress is conducting the Colorado Capital Survey.  When gaps are identified, we can work with existing individuals and groups or create new ones to fill the gaps.

    If only there was a single source of information on the Colorado capital industry.  Well, there is – the Colorado Capital Congress.  But, now we are engaging in circular arguments.  J

  • 14 Dec 2014 11:30 AM | Anonymous

    The Colorado Capital Congress has been created to improve the capital ecosystem in Colorado.  Capital is the energy that drives innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth.  Without capital, the ideas that may solve the problems and challenges of our world will not advance to become products and services.  The State of Colorado’s Blueprint identified access to capital as the third most important challenge to economic development.   

    We offer mentoring, education, networking, industry information, a membership directory and a catalog of capital sources, services and programs.  We will hold an annual conference – ‘The Congress’ on initiatives, host Member groups, build Capital Communities and coordinate meetings and testimony on legislative and regulatory matters.  We support business, professional, civic, charitable and economic organizations on all things ‘capital’.

    As a membership organization and a voice on access to capital, we invite anyone to join us who is seeking capital, investing capital, providing services in support of capital transactions or improving local economic development.

  • 01 Dec 2014 9:43 AM | Daniel Taylor (Administrator)
    Governor Hickenlooper signed into law HB 14 - 1079 which raises from $1 million to $5 million the amount of money that can be raised through a Colorado Limited Registration Public Offering.

    The bill was originated and sponsored in the House by Representative Pete Lee and sponsored in the Senate by Senator Rachel Zenzinger.

    A Limited Registration Public Offering is a little known vehicle for raising capital for a small business through sale of securities.  It has been described as "Colorado's version of crowdfunding"  A business may complete Form RL and pay a $50 fee to the Colorado Division of Securities along with their offering documents and promotional documents.  The application is reviewed within 14 days.  If approved, the Colorado business may sell to Colorado citizens.  There is no limit on the number of sales to non-accredited investors.  However, 80% of the money raised must be spent in Colorado.

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